BioSight-ID™ Dashboard

BioSight-ID™ Dashboard

Locating the BioSight-ID™ Dashboard

Screen Shot:
To open the dashboard, navigate to course management and expand course tools. from there you can select the BioSight-ID™ Dashboard.
Blackboard, BioSight-ID Dashboard Location in Course Managment.
To open the dashboard, navigate to courses and locate the BioSight-ID™ Dash link in the course navigation menu. If menu item is not available use the navigational option to activate it, or contact your administrator.
Canvas, BioSight-ID Dashboard location under Courses.

Overview of the Dashboard

Screen Shot:
Within the BioSight-ID™ Dashboard you have the option to filter, search, or scroll down to view resent sessions.
BioSight-ID dashboard overview.

Using the Filter

For this instruction we will use the filter in the top left corner.
Sessions can be filtered in a variety of ways, all configurable to provide only results that are relevant. For this demonstration we will be searching to "".

Screen Shot:
Account: refers to your account with BioSig-ID™.
Overview of BioSight-ID Dashboard. Account directly follows search field.

Range Preset: allows you to quickly locate a common time period, for example, today, last week, or last month.
Range Preset options, example Last week selected.

From and To: If you want to fine tune to a specific period of time, type in your date range.
Displaying From and To fields for date modification.

Alternatively you can click on the calendar icon to the right and leaf through months to select a specific day.
Clicking the Calendar Icon.
Using arrows to navigate to different months for exact date slection.

Course: specifies only the students enrolled within your specific course. Unless you are an Admin, this is not configurable.
Course field with Introduction to Psychology selected.

Quiz: Is a drop down box that has the option to include all quiz's or to filter down to one specific assessment.
Quiz dropdown displaying all quizes in course.

Scroll down to view 5 sliding bars. Each bar is modifiable at the beginning and end of its range by clicking and dragging the slider.

Show infraction % between: gives you the option to filter out the infraction percentages you do not wish to see. By default it excludes users below 10%

Show Session times between : Session time is measured in minutes allowing you to filter our BioSight-ID™ videos that do not match the expected duration.

Two Faces: Filter the results down to show videos with only multiple faces.

No Faces: percentage of time no faces were detected in the video.

Audio level: filters out users based on their audio level.
Modifyable sliding bars for Infractions, Session times, Two Faces, No Faces and Audio Level. Slide left to increase.

When you are happy with the filter click OK or click Apply to verify the results of your filters, before closing the filter options.
Apply filters button, and Ok button to close filters.

Disabling default filters:

Default filters will be active every time you launch the BioSight-ID Dashboard app. You can confirm wether or not they are active by looking at the text below the filter icon.

By default, the filters are set to show...
  1. 20% or more infraction.
  2. Session times between 5min-180
  3. Audio levels between 1-100
Expand Filters to locate a button labeled "Disable all". All filters will return to default upon your next launch of BioSight-ID.

"Dissable all" filters button.

Reviewing User Recordings

Screen Shot:
You are now presented with the results of your filter. To click individual recordings click View.
Filter search results

If you wish to close the opened recording click collapse.
Collapse button.

The opened recording will look something like this.
Opened recording

Above the video is general information such as session ID, User Name and course data.

A small heat map is shown to the right allowing for quick determination of suspicious activity.
Example session.

Farthest to the right there are a series of Icons.

Red ! Icon: Represents the total amount of infraction
Yellow Icon : Indicates that no user was visible for a time.
Green Icon : Indicates a user is present.
Double Red Icons : Indicates more than one user is present.


BioSight-ID™ Provides you with a blurred recording and noise levels of the session.
No sound or live images are retained to protect end user privacy.
Blurred BioSight-ID recording.

Below the video is the timeline with option to control playback.

Hover over the icons for details.

Above the timeline is the audio level visual representation.
You can see two peaks of audio in this example.

The icons underneath the timeline indicate when certain events took place, some examples are:
  1. The user has validated their BioSig-ID™
  2. BioSight-ID™ has stopped.

To the left is information about the session Including duration, infraction percentage and system assessment test icons which can be hovered over for more details.

Below is the Current Frame details box. If you scroll through the timeline with the slider bar the values in this box will change accordingly.
To jump to instances where multiple faces are detected click the frame numbers in blue. This will move you to the spot on the timeline where two faces are visible.
Two Face Example: As you can see in the given frame more than one face is present.
Below Multiple Faces is a overview of the main events that took place.
BioSight-ID Session End Reason:

When you view a list of BioSight-ID recordings you will notice an Icon above the View/Collapse button.
Hover over this icon to learn important information about how the BioSight-ID session ended.

Red X: The monitoring tool was closed prematurely while the test was still in progress.

Yellow X: This user closed the monitoring tool before they validated their BioSig-ID password. The test was never accessed.

Yellow Triangle: The BioSight-ID session was ended because of internet connectivity issues.

Green Handshake: The BioSight-ID monitoring tool was not closed until successful completion of the test.

Black Apple: mac OS has disabled the webcam.  mac OS devices attempt to conserve power by turning off the webcam in any application when it is moved to the background. This may accompany any other icon.

No Icon: The session may still be in progress or the page has not fully loaded.

BioSight-ID session end reason icons.

This concludes our overview of the BioSight-ID™ Dashboard.

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