Watch List

Watch List

The BioSig-ID Dashboard under Manage Users has a watch list checkbox where you can add suspicious users to the Watch List.  This enables you to quickly identify users who appear to have suspicious activity.

To add a User to the Watchlist:
1) Locate user in Manage Users
2) Check the Watch List box.

To see a list of all Users added to the Watchlist:
1) Click on Filters

2) Multi-Tenant clients can scope down to specific tenants.  Single clients will already have the Account field populated.  You can search specific date ranges as well. To find users on the Watch List you will choose Yes.
3) Next Click on the Search button.

4) After the search is finished you will see a list of all users on the Watch List per your search settings.  You may either choose to Export to CSV for the current page, or if there are multiple pages you may want to choose Export All to CSV.

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