Usability vs. Security

Usability vs. Security

About this report

Shows validation accuracy distribution per Partner/Account/Device.

This report monitors whether users are having difficulty in accuracy when using different devices to log in.  Compare this report to previous sessions or terms to determining if there is a spike in difficulty with a particular device.  To improve usage of a certain device we can provide suggestions on how to use certain devices.  For example, if you see a number of users struggling with a mouse we may need to inform them to keep the mouse button held down throughout the entire stroke so that additional lines are not created. If a user lets up on the mouse button during a stroke the system sees an additional line even though this may not be visible to a user causing a validation to fail.

The standard threshold of validation accuracy is 40%, which is configurable per client.  For more security, the threshold rate may be increased.  This report will help you to determine a level of validation accuracy without impacting usability.

How to run this report

Settings and selections:

  1. Date Range - Select one of the predefined dates or click on Basic to change to toggle to Custom
  2. Partner - Selecting a partner allows the user to filter down to only show the sessions and courses using the selected partner system.
  3. Account - For client users, the Account will be automatically selected.
  4. Devices - Select the devices that you would like to view, or leave the default settings to view all devices.
  5. Separate Devices - Toggle this on/off to show separate device or all devices combined
  6. Granularity - The level of detail present in the set of data. The default is 10 this can be expanded as desired.
  7. Threshold - The ability to configure an adjustable group containing users within a specified threshold.  This will create a minimum and maximum group.

Viewing and downloading the report

After you click the Generate Report button the History tab will show you all the reports that you have run in the past 24 hours.


To view the Report click on the View  button.   An inline view will appear showing you the report you requested. 

If you would like to save this report, you may click the Download  button.

Generate another report and viewing previously ran reports

Click on the +Generate   tab to run another report for a different time frame, course or session.

Click on the History  tab to view a report that has been run within the previous 24 hours.

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