Student Preview Fix for Instructors via Masquarading User-ID

Student Preview Fix for Instructors via Masquarading User-ID

Canvas does not configure an e-mail address for the student preview account. This means that for those with course-edit privileges, wishing to experience the student experience, the following BioSig-ID™ error message shows if a gated item is accessed:

This can be circumvented by enrolling a full test student account to the course and logging into Canvas via that account, but we have devised an alternative solution. Canvas forward us the Canvas User-ID of the person who is masquerading, and this allows us to create a fictitious BioSig-ID™ username when the system is configured to rely on the e-mail address as the unique user identifier. This does require a modification to the LTI configuration of the BioSig-ID™ applications.

Navigate to the App configuration first via: Admin > Select the respective Canvas instance > Settings > Apps > View App Configuration

And then locate the "BioSig-ID™" and "BioSig-ID™ Guarded Quiz" entries. On each of them use the gear icon to Edit their configuration as follows:

And then locate the Custom Fields section to add custom_bsi_masqueradinguser=$ so the result looks like:

If other entries exist then leave those alone, and the order does not matter as long as each entry is on its own line.

Save the changes via the Submit button.

Entering Student View again and launching a BioSig-ID™ guarded item will now result in the following:

The syntax used for the BioSig-ID™ username is Test.Student.[masquerading-ID]@canvas.domain and it is possible to automatically exempt these from having to enroll and validate. If this is desired then please contact your Biometric Signature ID support representative.

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