Schoology Installation

Schoology Installation

Follow these steps to set up an LTI External Tool in Schoology at the institution level:

  1. Click System Settings on the left menu of your System Admin home page
  2. Click Integration (directly below System Settings) in the left navigation
  3. Select External Tools tab at the top of the page
  4. Click Add External Tool Provider.
  5. Fill out the necessary information in the pop-up window:
  • Tool Name—Enter a descriptive name: “BioSig-ID™”
  • Consumer Key—The Consumer Key will be provided to you by BSI
  • Shared Secret—The Shared Secret will be provided to you by BSI
  • Privacy— Select option that provides both the user’s name and their email/username
  • Configuration Type—Choose Manual
  • Match By—URL
  • Domain/URL—Depending on your deployment use one of the following
  • Custom Parameters—None are required
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