Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser

About SEB

Safe Exam Browser is a specialized application designed to secure online assessments. This software transforms any computer into a protected workstation for the duration of an exam. SEB works best when combined with BioSight-ID for complete automated proctoring, but can also work as a stand-alone application.

Safe Exam Browser is an open-source solution from ETH Z├╝rich.

OS Requirements

  1. Windows (7, 8.x, 10, 11)
  2. macOS (11.1 or newer)
  3. iOS (9.3.5 or newer)
Chromebooks are currently not supported.

Configurable Restrictions

SEB uses an encrypted config file which allow institutionally configured settings.

SEB can restrict access to:
  1. Printing
  2. Clipboard
  3. Screenshots
  4. External Files
  5. Right-mouse click
  6. External websites
  7. External applications
  8. Additional browsing tabs
  9. Open the quiz in a normal browser
  10. Spell checking and dictionary lookup
  11. Windows Task Bar and the Start Menu
  12. Exiting SEB - Exit can be denied until the quiz is submitted.
  13. URL or search field - Back/forward navigation and reload can be disabled.
  14. Windows Security Screen - Preventing the user from Locking the PC, switching users, or signing out.
  15. Launch from virtual machines - SEB detects when it was started in a virtual instead of a native environment and refuses to run, if not explicitly allowed to.
Applications such as screen readers can be added to the approved application list for ADA students. Contact a BSI agent for assistance with configuration.

Adding SEB to Your LMS

Triggering the SEB requirement can be completed thorough a variety of options. Depending on the LMS there are multiple ways for your account to be configured, such as Course Content Item Title, Course IDs, or any other parameter that is transmitted by the LMS to the BioSig-ID App.

Please consult your BSI point of contact for further details.

Student Instructions

When SEB is configured as a requirement, BioSig-ID will provide installation instructions if the student is not in the SEB environment. Otherwise, the student will be be guided to launch SEB for continuation.

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