NMLS First Time Enrollment

NMLS First Time Enrollment

NMLS is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Mortgage Education Program as required by the SAFE Act.
For more information please review the Policy for BioSig-ID Student ID Validations All BioSig-ID™ enrollments and validations occur within your course.
The first BioSig-ID™ authentication will occur after the ROC and just prior to the start of the course.
Please follow the natural progression of the course until you are prompted to enroll and validate your BioSig-ID™.

BioSig-ID™ Enrollment Process:
  1. View the How to Enroll video in a new window.
  2. Continue within your course until prompted to enroll your BioSig-ID password.
  3. You will be provided with self-guided instructions.
    1. The steps are as follows:
    1. Create/Write your 4 character password using one of the following: mouse, stylus, touch-pad or touchscreen.
    2. Write your password twice more while being mindful of how you wrote your password on the first attempt.
    3. Finally lock in your password by validating one last-time.
Questions/Problems? Use the NMLS Help Site.
All BioSig-ID support inquiries must go through the NMLS online help desk. Do not contact BioSig-ID as they are not authorized to assist.

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