Getting Started Checklist for Higher Education

Getting Started Checklist for Higher Education

Get started the right way!  The BioSig-ID technical set up may be performed in a short time frame.  This content will help you to prepare in rolling out BioSig-ID within your institution.

BioSig-ID Resources

Project Manager / Rachel Lane / / 877-700-1611
Dashboard & Reporting / Amber Merrill / / 469-294-4916

Onboarding Call

We will schedule an onboarding call with your team.  During this introductory call we will identify key team members such as your LMS Admin/Developers and others who will be assisting in the roll out of BioSig-ID. 
Prior to the call your team may want to discuss: 
  1. how many courses you will add BioSig-ID into
  2. institution policies around student identity verification
  3. time-frame for deployment
  4. who will be responsible for adding BioSig-ID to the courses - will use use a centralized deployment approach or ask faculty to add BioSig-ID to courses?

BioSig-ID Setup

We will coordinate with your LMS Admin to add BioSig-ID to your LMS. You will need to determine if you want to add BioSig-ID to your sandbox/test environment (where no real students will enroll or validate) or if you want to immediately deploy in your production environment.   Depending on your LMS (most installation instructions are available on this site), you will need to provide us with specific information so that we can configure your account appropriately.

After we have configured your account we will hold a call with your LMS Admin/Technical Team to ensure that BioSig-ID is active and behaving as expected in your environment.  During this call, we will also demonstrate how to add BioSig-ID to courses. In order to provide effective training we ask that you provide a copied course with content.  Please enroll us as an instructor in the course and provide us with access.  You may use the email of for this enrollment.

Best Practices

During our Technical Call we will also review best practices in using BioSig-ID.

Faculty Training

We will provide faculty training webinars as part of your licensing.  Onsite training can be arranged, however, the expenses in doing so would be incurred by your institution. BioSig-ID will provide sample information to provide to your faculty members prior to the BioSig-ID rollout.

Student Information

We will provide instructions for your students that will need to be placed in each course that utilizes the BioSig-ID technology. Effective up-front communications will assist your users in why BioSig-ID is being used, how to use it and where to receive assistance. BioSig-ID will also provide you with a sample syllabus statement, campus announcement and/or email. 

Common New User Issues

Like any new technology or application student may have questions or encounter common issues.  When users contact your for assistance, we have a list of common issues and resolutions to provide to your support teams. While, BioSig-ID is the main source of support we feel that it is best if your campus support team has the resources available as well.


Annual Support Agreement

The annual support agreement covers:
  1. all web service software updates and/or bug fixes
  2. primary web and email support
  3. secondary phone support to manage existed ticketed cases

Help Desk System

We provide a help desk system that provides helpful step-by-step articles for users to self-resolve most common issues.  This web portal provides a ticketing system where users who can easily submit and receive support. The support sites can be reached in the following ways: 

Portal can be reached at the following links:

Primary portal for all products:
BioSig-ID specific issues are grouped at:
BioSig-ID with Photo-ID authentication at:
The primary portal link is included in the student information/instruction page that should be included in each course that utilizes BioSig-ID.

Users can access the respective support sites by accessing the above URLs and via the HELP link at the top of the BioSig-ID page within their course. 

Reporting and User Management

Subscription Levels

As part of the software licensing agreement, your institution chose a subscription level for reporting.  We will provide your institution with training on the BSI Reporting Dashboard.   This call usually occurs about the time you have approximately 100 users.  We like to see usage by at least 100 users so that your account has enough data to run reports that will provide adequate insight into the capabilities.

The subscription levels are as follows:


A complimentary collection of reports available to the point of contact and other users with appropriate access levels.
Reports included:
  1. User Attendance Grid
  2. Registration/Validation/Attendance Report
  3. User Courses
  4. User Summary Report
Client support site access

Forensic & Compliance

Forensics & Compliance level subscription includes all the reports from the standard level along with the following reports:
  1. Usability vs. Security
  2. RTENs
  3. IP Addresses
  4. Custom Detail Report
  5. Course Construct*
  6. No Validations
  7. Suspicious Users
Quarterly mini-Suspicious Activity Reports and RTEN (Real Time Event Notification) reports
Live monitor - view your students in real-time validation processes
Manage User Activity-ability see student activity

Managed Services

Managed Services is the gold star package that combines all the reports from Standard and Forensic/Compliance level subscription packages.  In addition to these reports you will also have access to an additional report called the Suspicious Relations Report.

Additionally, you will have access to:
  1. Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), RTENs (Real Time Event Notifications) and review eight (8) times per year.  You will gain your very own dedicated BSI Forensics Analyst who will analyze the data and provide your team with insights into suspicious activity. 
  2. FSA Fraud Consultation
Measurement and results are driving DOE, annual FSA audits and regional accreditation. Schools are seeking our assistance to perform this business-critical role. The study of student online/virtual behaviors requires part science, part human analysis. BSI’s forensics analysis experts put decades of academic, administration and technology experience at your service.
  1. Reduce capital expenditures
  2. Trusted vendor partner to operate critical processes
  3. Control complexity of changing regulatory compliance
  4. Reduce need and cost for hiring additional skilled FTE resources
  5. High value to risk management return on potential dishonest fraud and identity attacks
  6. Positively identify virtual students accessing course content
  7. Strongest available identity verification technology
  8. Deter third party surrogates violating student code of conduct or internet use rules
  9. Continuous monitoring throughout the course, for all events
  10. User and log management
  11. Proactive event notifications of suspicious activity prevent data lag and failure to act
  12. Measurable reporting for pending compliance and audits
  13. Predictable costs in revealing and resolving potential student dishonesty and fraud
  14. Will not overwhelm your school administrators and faculty with more data


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