Brightspace/D2L Installation

Brightspace/D2L Installation


Recently, BioSig-ID™ created an additional app that reduces the manual processes of creating guarded quizzes and tool instances. This app will allow you to efficiently create guarded quizzes, tool instances and instructions within your courses.

Please follow all of the steps below to begin using BioSig-ID™ in your courses.

Step 1: Registering BioSig-ID™ Application

From System Admin go to Manage Extensibility. You can find the Manage Extensibility tool from your home page, in the Organization Related section of the Admin Tools widget.

Click Register an App .

Complete the following fields:

Application Name
Trusted URL

Leave Major Version, Minor Version and Description as-is.

Click the Enable this application check box to enable the application for the LMS.

After reading and accepting the Non-Commercial Developer Agreement, click the I accept the Non-Commercial Developer Agreement check box.

Click Register Application

D2L will generate the App ID\Key pair. Provide the App ID and Key to BSI Technical Analyst.  This is needed to generate the key and secret used in Step 2.

Step 2: Add the Remote Plugin - Guarded Quiz

Click on the Admin Gears and then select Remote Plugins.

Remote plugins link

Select 'Quicklink' from the `Plugin Type` dropdown list:
create a new remote plugin
Enter the following information:
Plugin Type
BioSig-ID™ Guarded Quiz
Launch URL

LTI Key/Secret
 (provided by BSI)
Icon URL (small & large)

If the option is shown then set "OAuth Signature Method" to HMAC-SHA1

Make available to:

Add Org Units = make it available to the course

Click Save

Step 3: Add the Guarded Quiz Template

Open External Learning Tools from the Admin menu.

Click on New Link

Enter the following fields:

BioSig-ID Guarded Quiz Template

Please validate your BioSig-ID™ profile to make the next item(s) available

Activate the "link/secret" option
Input the LTI Key and Secret provided by BSI.
Activate the "Use link security settings" section, and enable all the checkboxes

Add Org Units = make it available to the course

Save the changes, and look in the address bar for the Link ID that is now available, and write down this number. (Example 9561)

Step 4: Edit the Guarded Quiz Launch

Edit the "BioSig-ID™ Guarded Quiz launch" entry that was auto-generated by the Remote Plugin actions from step 2.

Use the "+ Add custom parameters" link

This will create a custom parameter row that needs to be filled in as follows:






(Link ID from Step 3)

Click Save and Close

Step 5: Add the BioSig-ID™ Admin App

Open External Learning Tools from the Admin menu. Click New Link.

Enter the following fields:

BioSig-ID™ Admin App

(leave blank)

Select the "Link/Secret" option
Input the LTI key/secret provided by BSI

Click the Save button

Scroll back down again to the "+ Add Custom Parameters" section and change the value to the right of it to a 2 and then click the link

This should create two custom parameter rows that need to be filled in as follows:






(Link ID from Step 3)




Activate the "Use link security settings" section, and enable all the checkboxes

Security settings, choose all

Add Org Units
= make it available to the course

Click Save and Close

Step 6: Add BioSig-ID™ to Navigation

To add BioSig-ID to the navigation bar at the Admin level, it is strongly advised to copy your existing default theme and add the custom link in there. This will allow you to easily switch between navigation themes to allow for the BioSig-ID Admin link to show in just those courses using BioSig-ID or all courses at your institution. Quiz-Intercepts only work within the course content section of Brightspace, so any navigational menus that provide end-users with direct access need to be removed. If this is not desired then only rely on the tool-instances which force the adaptive release conditions throughout any section. This then ends up hiding those course items until the conditions have been met, which might lead to other confusion. Contact your BioSig-ID™ representative to review the options available as almost everything is configurable.

If you want the BioSig-ID Admin tool to show in ALL courses change the navigation theme to the default that includes the custom link.

If you want the BioSig-ID Admin tool to show in ONLY those courses that use BioSig-ID, you will want to change the navigation theme at the course level for each course.

Adding BioSig-ID to the Navigation Bar in Themes & Navigation

From the Admin Tools menu, click Navigation & Themes > Themes

From the drop-down menu next to Course Default, select Copy .  Next, click on the copied theme.

Under name add '-BioSig-ID' to the default theme name.

Place a checkmark in the Share with child org units .

Scroll down and click Create Custom Link . Under name enter 'BioSig-ID Admin'

To the right of the URL box click Insert Quicklink , choose External Learning Tools and then click BioSig-ID Admin from the list.

ALERT: The Safari browser now has the default setting active to prevent cross-site tracking under the "Privacy" preference section. This blocks not only malicious advertisement sites from tracking you, but it also blocks server-session cookies. The BioSig-ID™ Admin App needs those to function, so the option is to disable cross-site tracking or to adjust the navigation bar item to launch in a new window/tab.

Change the drop-down menu option under `Behavior` to "New window/tab", and deselect both checkboxes below it. Once the activity in the BioSig-ID™ Admin App are concluded the window can simply be closed and refreshing the 'Content' in Brightspace should reveal all the changes that have been applied.

Limit to specific roles (most likely this will be Admin and Instructor) unless your institution has other roles, such as Teaching Assistants who would need access to this tool.

Click Create

Save and Close

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