Blackboard Ultra Known Issues

Blackboard Ultra Known Issues


There are a few known-issues that we will try to document here to make it easier to understand what is happening and how to resolve it or workaround until a more permanent solution is found. We have excellent partner support and rely on Behind the Blackboard tickets to keep track.

Known issues as of 3/28/2024:

Instructor information not available

For security reasons the underlying message cannot be revealed, so all errors will look like:
BioSig-ID™ interface error that requires contacting BSI support to obtain more details.
One of the reasons is when the account is configured to require instructor information, and no instructors are assigned to the course or the level of API access is restricted.

The BioSight-ID™ SSO dashboard functionality for example requires the instructor information to be available to allow for proper filtering. Also any admin account enrolled in the course as an instructor would fail if the BioSigAPI user is not configured with a secondary role of "System Administrator". It is best practice that an admin account isn't used for learning and teaching on the system since it has a lot of special aspects that won't align to this. An admin as a student will create gradebook problems; as an instructor additional capabilities are granted that may not conform with policies for instructional staff.

Anthology Blackboard blog article with more information on the subject is available at:
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