BioSight-ID™ for Brightspace

BioSight-ID™ for Brightspace

The only way to make BioSight-ID™ functional within a Brightspace LMS environment is through a browser extension.

We currently offer a solution for the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers for desktop usage.

Detection is done fully automatic, and if the system discovers that a student within Brightspace does not have the browser extension installed, they are presented with detailed instructions on how to install the browser extension for the specific browser they are using.

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Google Chrome Browser
Microsoft Edge Browser
Mozilla Firefox Browser

The browser extensions need access to the * domains used by BioSig-ID™ as well as the * domain that the Desire2Learn Brightspace instance is running on. At a functionality level it does the exact same thing that the BioSight-ID™ integration does for Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle where it is possible to add custom JavaScript/CSS code to the LMS without restrictions.

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