ADA Software Accessibility Methods

ADA Software Accessibility Methods

BioSig-ID software is designed to be accessible to individuals with a wide-range of disabilities.

A brief summary of the three ADA compliant methods.

Without any accessibility options set the situation is as follows:

            Primary = BioSig-ID
            Secondary = Click-ID

In the Manage User section of the BioSig-ID Reporting Dashboard a user's profile can easily be set to either ADA setting.

With the ADA Motor-Skill Impaired button selected, the user experience will be as follows:

            Primary = Click-ID
            Secondary = CSQ (Complex Security Questions)

The ADA Vision Impaired (CSQ)  button allows for support of visual impairment via:

            Primary = CSQ-only
            Secondary = (none)

  • This option is compatible with screen reader solutions.

A person can be "Exempt", which is usually reserved for faculty, and can also be used temporary if one wants to masquerade as a student without them available to validate their BioSig-ID.

Note: The 'Exempt' button can be used to turn that part 'on' or 'off' without resetting any existing profile, but activating one of the ADA options does reset any existing profiles.

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